Are you facing divorce and feeling sad, angry, or scared? Do you stay up at night thinking “This can’t be happening” or “How am I going o manage this?” You are not alone and a Collaborative Law coach/facilitator can help.

If this sounds good to you, and you are engaging a Collaborative Law attorney, a mental health professional who is trained as a facilitator can be part of the team. That person will meet with you and your spouse individually before the first team meeting to get to know you, to set up your goals for the process, and to learn what issues might be particularly hard for you.

At all the meetings, the coach will be there to help maintain a respectful atmosphere, to be a time keeper, and to monitor the emotional aspect of the conversation. Clients can meet with the coach individually or with their spouse at any time. A coach with knowledge of child development will work with you develop a parenting plan if necessary, and help you navigate the challenge of guiding your child through this time. A coach is an emotional support who will be with you “every step of the way”.

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