Why is Collaborative Divorce a Better Choice?

Traditional divorce litigation often leaves former spouses deeply in debt and painfully estranged from each other. Litigation can create resentment that lingers for years and poisons relationships between spouses and between spouses and their children.

However, the divorce process does not need to be painful. Collaborative Divorce is based upon discussion and compromise. It encourages divorcing partners to talk out and resolve issues, with the assistance of a team of professionals. The lawyers and professional neutrals of Northshore Collaborative Divorce can provide an effective alternative to an adversarial or mediated divorce.

Unlike mediation, throughout the collaborative divorce process, you will have a collaboratively trained divorce lawyer at your side to help you to negotiate child support, alimony and asset division. Unlike litigation, which often involves costly trials and preparation for trial, in collaborative divorce the sole objective is to settle all issues, without litigation, saving money and stress.

In addition to your respective attorneys, when you choose to divorce collaboratively, your team of specially trained collaborative professionals, may also include a facilitator neutral (or “divorce coach”) and possibly a financial neutral.

The neutral facilitator expedites the process by helping you and your spouse precisely identify and express short and long term goals and by addressing emotional obstacles to settlement.

The financial neutral analyzes the unique needs of your family, identifying beneficial tax provisions and suggesting realistic options to preserve family income and property.

The collaborative professionals are specially trained and certified in the practice of collaborative process. Since the team is relieved from preparing for the possibility of trial, they concentrate their attention on developing settlement options and “thinking outside the box” when working toward the resolution of your family’s unique problems and concerns.