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Collaborative Divorce is the Way to Resolution

How Collaborative Divorce can work for you

In Collaborative Divorce, you will work with professional legal counsel to negotiate issues such as alimony and child custody.

Getting Started

Learn how and where to start to get your divorce resolved in the best way possible

Traditional divorce litigation often leaves former spouses deeply in debt and painfully estranged from each other. Litigation can create resentment that lingers for years and poison relationships between both parties and their children. The Collaborative Divorce process is based upon discussion and compromise. It encourages divorcing partners to talk out and resolve issues with the aid of professional legal counsel.

North Shore Collaborative Divorce is a group of lawyers and professional neutrals who can work with you to find an effective alternative to an adversarial divorce or divorce mediation.

Find out how collaborative divorce can work for you

Want to talk to a professional?

NO LAW REQUIRES DIVORCING COUPLES TO DIVIDE ASSETS 50/50 By: Anthony C. Adamopoulos, Arbitrator, Mediator, Collaborative Attorney Recently, a distressed client, I will call Casie, came to me. She feared for her future. Casie explained that her husband wanted a divorce...

What’s Better, Collaborative Divorce or Mediation?

As an attorney who practices both collaborative divorce and mediation, it’s a question I’m often asked. To be honest, my answer really does not matter. The best choice between collaborative divorce or divorce mediation depends on the individuals going through the...

A Few Questions about Neutral Facilitators

by Ginny Simon, Neutral Facilitator Will having a neutral facilitator on my Collaborative Team cost me a lot more money? Is it worth it? When your collaborative attorney recommends that you have a neutral facilitator/divorce coach on your team, your first reaction...

Goals & Triggers

All clients should enter the collaborative process with confidence that the agreement that they reach will fulfill their goals. Frequently, goals are often doing what is best for the children, financial security, keeping the family home, or maintaining a life style similar to what they have had as a married person.

Divorce? You are not alone

Are you facing divorce and feeling sad, angry, or scared? Do you stay up at night thinking “This can’t be happening” or “How am I going o manage this?” You are not alone and a Collaborative Law coach/facilitator can help. If this sounds good to you, and you are...

Who gets the cat?

Collaborative divorce offers a flexibility you don’t find in litigation. It’s designed that way so that both sides can negotiate, compromise and resolve issues to reach a settlement. The structure and the willingness of both parties to compromise typically cuts a path...

Why Collaborative Divorce? Answered in One Picture

February is Divorce Month in Massachusetts because there are so many divorces filed that month. So, it is safe to assume that people are right now considering what process to use, that is – Adversarial, Mediation or Collaborative. Elsewhere in DivorcingOptions.com you...

There is a Better Way to Divorce

Traditional divorce litigation often leaves former spouses deeply in debt and painfully estranged from each other. Litigation often breeds resentment that may linger for years and poison relationships between parties and the children. Collaborative Divorce process is...

Collaboration or Litigation? You have a choice!

The first step in facing divorce is to select the best divorce process for you, litigation or Collaboration (Collaborative Divorce). Usually, it is best to decide on the process before selecting an attorney. Because attorneys are best at “what they do”, going to an...