During this pandemic, North Shore Collaborative Divorce Attorneys and Neutrals provide the benefits of this wonderful process in a COVID sensitive way.

The Collaborative Divorce Team achieves divorce resolution quicky, safely and for less. The Team is comprised of each client and their respective trained and certified attorneys and neutrals. Several different resolution formats, all of which are COVID sensitive, are available to the Collaborative
Team. What follows is one such format.

Client/Attorney Teleconference

First, clients teleconference with their respective attorneys who gather necessary information from their clients.

Then the two attorneys, keeping in mind what they have learned from their clients, discuss between themselves whether neutrals should be used. If there are personal problems that will affect open and direct communication then a Facilitator Neutral will be used. If there are financial/value issues then a Financial Neutral will be used. The preference is to use neutrals because they make the process more efficient and cost effective. For this explanation it is assumed they will be used.

Client/Neutral Teleconference

Second, neutrals are recommended to the clients and then each client will teleconference with each neutral.

Neutrals and Attorneys Teleconference and Identify Problem Areas

Third, after the neutrals talk with each client, the neutrals and attorneys teleconference. Relying on what they have each learned from each spouse, they identify what problems will hinder the signing of a Divorce Separation Agreement. Then, they develop a resolution for each problem preventing settlement.
Then, they will use one of the following formats to get a settlement between the spouses.

Attorney Driven Settlement Format

Each attorney takes each recommended resolution to their respective client. If both clients agree to a recommended resolution, that problem is resolved. Following the same procedure, the attorneys then concentrate, one by one, on the remaining issues of disagreement.

Zoom Collaborative Team Meeting Format

Here there is a Zoom Team Conference with clients, attorneys and neutrals. Team conferences are led by a neutral. The Team, starting with a recommended resolution for each problem works at resolving each problem one at a time. A benefit to Zoom meetings is that each participant can see the face of the other participants.

Collaborative Team Teleconference Format

Here the procedure and goal is the same as a Zoom meeting – all work together to get resolution for each problem. The advantage to this form of meeting is that participants can concentrate on what is being said without any visual distraction. For more information call any attorney or neutral at North Shore Collaborative Divorce

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