By:  Clinton Dalton, Esq., Watson Dalton LLC, 458 Boston St., Ste. 2-6, Topsfield, MA 01983-1261, (978) 462-3177

The divorce process, at different times along the way, is rife with complicated and heated emotions on both sides.  Triggers abound as a divorcing couple contemplates and works through items which will serve as foundational pillars for the next chapter of their individual lives and the lives of their children.  All too often insults and recriminations fly across the table or, perhaps for the worse, remained unsaid but boil underneath the surface.  The Collaborative Divorce Model allows for a healthy expression of these emotions and further allows for maintenance of dignity during the process.  The presence of such dignity, in my experience, fosters greater stability and civility in the next phase of life or all parties involved.

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